April 24th, 2004


I was all by myself.

I am not good at absorbing large amounts of material in a short amount of time. For me the act of reading is exhausting. It's not because I find the actual activity of reading to be particularly difficult or even energy consuming, it's that I involuntarily elaborate and think as I read. I go off on mental tangents, formulate rebuttal arguments, weave what I'm reading into what I'm planning to write or say about it later. I'm incapable of just reading, I interact.

Eventually what happens is that my brain fills up with processable material, my eyes start to droop, and I find myself reading the same words over and over without being able to comperehend them. At this point I need to enter a refractory period where I let my brain rest and settle and then can get back to reading again. As I write these words I am currently in such a period, although to be honest writing is not exactly the best activity to be involved in if I want my mind to clear. Writing does, in a way, clear my mind but my psyche has this complicated set of levees and locks and the reservoir that writing clears is not directly connected to the one that reading fills. In fact sometimes the emptying of the writing reservoir spills more material into the reading one.

The NFL draft is today. Eli Manning is being a punk. If he wanted to be a real MANLY man he would approach the Giants, tell them that he would play for $1 million a year if they traded for him in the draft, and thus resolve their issues about giving away too much. Instead he's asking them to mortgage the farm to get his punk ass. I hope they don't.

The greatest flaws in my writing right now are run on sentences and bad punctuation. I've never been one to punctuate well. Not a great punctuator. It's a skill I need to improve but it's a problem that can only really be dealt with through editing.

I wonder how those people who have like 1200 people reading their journals manage such a number. Is it just through sheer quality of writing or is it active recruitment?

Sometimes it's nice to sit and smell the clinging scent of your own sweat on your clothes.
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Oh he's sexist, keeping Rush Limbaugh restless.

Meme stolen from blorky as all good things in this world invariably are.

Abortion: Pro-choice, anti abortion. I think that abortions are morally troublesome in almost every way and I think that people who willingly have sex and then want a surgical solution to the outcome are irresponsible assholes. I do not, however, think that government control of abortion solves anything and there are cases where abortions are medically necessary or morally acceptable (primarily in the case of rape where a woman is trying to undo the outcome of someone ELSE'S actions.)

Death Penalty: Opposed on every ground. Anyone can be rehabilitated and provide value to society from jail. The death penalty is unfairly assigned not just in terms of innocent people dying (they do) but also in terms of racist courts sending black people to die for crimes white people wouldn't die for. I don't think the state should be mandating death. It doesn't provide any real disincentive to crime either. Bad.

Prostitution: I support legalized prostitution on the grounds that no matter what we do some women are going to be prostitutes and they might as well do it in a nice clean brothel where it can be regulated and they can have protection, rather than on the street.

Alcohol: Should be legal, I don't drink it. My mind's dull enough to begin with.

Marijuana: Should be legal, I don't smoke it. Illegalizing marijuana just empowers drug dealers and cartels.

Other drugs: Should be legal but highly regulated. Once again we're just empowering dealers and cartels by making this stuff illegal. The public WANTS drugs, most people have at least tried them, it's time to try and improve the lot of drug addicts rather than criminalizing them.

Gay Marriage: I support some sort of gay union. I don't care if it's called marriage or not, as long as it has all the rights and privaleges that marriage includes. I don't think churches should be forced to perform gay unions if they don't want to.

Smoking: Should be legal, including in restaurants, but people shouldn't do it. It's a bad idea.

Drunk Driving: Should be illegal with SEVERE penalties. Now you're not just hurting yourself, you're risking other people's lives. You're a jerk!

Cloning: Against. On grounds of individuality on grounds of maintaining the stock of genetic diversity to prevent disease, on the grounds that we just don't know what the ramifications would be. It's a bad idea and BAD magumbo! I don't want clones farmed for organs and I don't want clone wars!

Racism: I'm for it! Damn chinks, wetbacks, and lambchop lips have had their run of this country for too long. Seriously, what kind of question is this? I'm anti affirmative action and pro racial profiling when it's a statistically significant signifier and carried out discretely and nonviolently. Also when it is corroborated by some other kind of behavior. DWB should not be a crime. Flying while Arab shouldn't be either, but on the other hand it might be worth checking that one out.

Premarital Sex: Should be legal but shouldn't be done for the most part. Maybe in commited long term relationships it could be appropriate but I don't think casual sex adds anything to society and it does take things away. This is also linked to abortion.

Religion: It's a pack of lies and most people who believe it are either fools or are actively deluding themselves. Many are just plain lying. There's no evidence or reason behind any of it. Responsible for many of the world's attrocities and some of its wonders. True believers are often happier than non-believers which is a plus, but it's still just a beautiful lie.

The war in Iraq: Strongly against. It's not our job, it will just inspire other dictators and evildoers to act first because they will be scared of pre-emptive assaults, we have no idea what we're doing and it's going to be a MESS very soon, and it is fucking up our standing in the world, our currency, our economy, and just about everything else. I might have been pro an Iraqi war if it had been carried out better but it wasn't.

Bush: He's evil or stupid. He hates most Americans and cares only about the oligarchy classes. He's a hypocrit and a liar. Worst president we've ever had with the possible exceptions of Reagan and Andrew Johnson. He stole the election in Florida through his brother's disenfranchising minorities. He let retarded men die in Texas. If I did something great and he wanted to congratulate me I'd tell him to go eat a dick. He may be my president but I have absolutely zero respect for the man and wouldn't be sad if he was assasinated. His administration is constantly assaulting our freedoms and driving our country into the ground with their shortsighted bullshit. John Kerry isn't much better. Al Gore would have been and would have handled 9/11 with a hundred times the class, statesmanship, and intelligence that Bush did. Having a stupid monkey cowboy in the White House is a bad idea in EVERY CONCIEVABLE SITUATION.

Downloading Music: Used to think it was plain theft. Now I realize that in some cases it's not exactly that. The laws restricting this are WAY out of whack. Downloading a song is considered worse than many serious criminal acts. It's worse than stealing a TV. There needs to be some sort of legislation that makes the penalties for this reasonable, like $50 a song or something. The record companies also need to step up with an alternative.

Drinking Age: Make it 18. Young people drink anyway.

Porn: I think it should be legal. I enjoy it and consume it. I have reservations though and am trying to slow down/stop. It's a bad thing but not a terrible thing.

Just because you don't like something doesn't mean the answer is to legislate against it.
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