April 25th, 2004


Sleep another hour.

The Giants gave away WAY too much for Manning. They could have had Rothlisberger for just their first round pick, even traded down and got him. MORONS! Maroons! Now they're going to pay him with a HUGE contract and break the team. Argh! I am on the record against this trade. Now if Manning goes on to be a carbon copy of his brother and Rivers and Rothlisberger flop then I will look like more of a fool than I already do, but I can deal with that.

When Manning was asked about being drafted first he actually said "This is a great day for the NFL." I wish that Aaron had been there for that classic football player dumb quote moment. We got a ton of mileage out of Jake Delhomme being asked "Jake Delhomme you're in the Super Bowl, what up with that?" and of course the Joe Namath debacle.

Geordi is a great kid. Kinda like the younger brother I never had. He's a 6'1" and 235 lb football prospect now but to me he's still 7. We had fun, and he made me feel really fucking old.

I didn't get sufficient amounts of work done today but that's normal. I'm still sick.

Sometimes I feel like I'm a talented person with a bright future but most of the time I feel like a pretender who will be a struggling nobody or a corporate drone all his life and will never have a meaningful relationship with anyone, let alone a female.

It's not that I don't like myself, it's that I don't believe it's possible for others to like me or my work.
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