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July 2004
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12:18 am: Damn... - 10 comments
12:10 pm: How does a duck know what direction South is?
02:18 pm: We all believe - 6 comments
06:15 pm: Packed and I'm holding.
01:47 pm: Everything inside of you that you wish you could be - 5 comments
01:24 pm: Back on the horses - 11 comments
04:49 pm: I thought it was the Fourth of July - 10 comments
12:06 am: George was never my thing and I - 3 comments
12:15 am: I'm experimenting with different types of voice, okay? - 6 comments
08:42 pm: Sliding back to the land of no humor.
05:21 pm: On confidence and girls, with regards to me never the twain shall meet - 11 comments
02:09 am: These are the works of our lives - 3 comments
12:33 am: Fat man in a rainstorm: Umbrellas, he said, are the enemy of the authentic life
12:38 pm: Bitter as you want me - 5 comments
07:03 pm: Exploitation of women is great and all, but it grows tiresome. - 3 comments
11:47 pm: I'm angry because I hurt and I hurt because I'm angry. - 2 comments
06:42 pm: Amatuerish crap unworthy of a 16 year old. - 2 comments
02:22 am: He's coming on a Chinese Bus, he'll rob me blind and I will make a fuss
09:32 am: He picked up some baggage on the trip over
12:35 am: Matt demands that this be posted under protest. He says that he's been a perfect angel of restraint - 1 comment
04:22 pm: Lessons from Matthew's trip into civilization from the wilds of Vermont. - 5 comments
11:44 pm: I'm thinking of changing this journal's name to "Life, sans female nudity." - 10 comments
12:13 am: Self doubt until morning - 8 comments
09:43 am: Halle, BUBBIE, she looka like a man - 1 comment
04:05 pm: If hanging out with two other guys is gay you're going to have to call me sthwishy
11:32 pm: Nobody cares about what happens in my life, not even me, so why write about it? - 2 comments
05:35 pm: It's not really about the Benjamin, baby. In-jokes galore. - 3 comments
11:30 pm: Ranting about women, ranting about women, spam, movie critiques, ranting about women. - 12 comments
02:34 pm: Whipping people for the glory of God? How RUDE - 2 comments
01:52 pm: Ryan O'Neal, the only man capable of bringing the blandness of Al Gore to the big screen. - 2 comments
11:16 am: Why I don't like the Democrats, and other assorted tidbits of joy - 4 comments
09:35 pm: I hate poker, and breathing - 7 comments
11:53 pm: Old people and taking care, short and sour just like you like it baby.
12:18 pm: This came out REALLY shitty for a variety of reasons. Don't read it. boring. - 51 comments
11:52 pm: What is there, really, beyond death and sex? In that order. - 6 comments
11:31 am: Herman Munster for president! Couldn't we have at least gotten a Gomez Adams lookalike? - 2 comments
06:03 pm: Things I do not understand - 11 comments
10:56 pm: Pathos and pomp, pathos and pomp, go together like shake and stomp - 8 comments
01:18 pm: Simple is as simple does
02:37 pm: Did you ever notice that spot right below the tiger's mouth? The way it mars her fearful symmetry? - 2 comments
04:37 pm: The personal and the political
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