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August 2004
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01:33 am: Familiar territory trod once more. Stepping on my own footprints without a care for you.
07:36 pm: Michael Jackson loves the little children, all the children of the world. - 1 comment
07:45 pm: Celebrities say the craziest things
07:55 pm: I been up - 4 comments
11:34 pm: Terrible confession - 2 comments
10:52 pm: I'd like a raspberry torte, with a dab of whipped cream on the top, dusted with sugar, and reformed - 9 comments
11:52 pm: I ain't got the skillz to pay the billz - 2 comments
12:32 am: I vouch for this man as a fine upstanding citizen. Now me, ehhh...not so much. - 2 comments
08:49 am: Why Fox News is fun - 1 comment
11:20 am: The short shot.
02:40 pm: Hooray for boobies, but not their bearers (another one NOT to read. Just don't. You've been warned.) - 8 comments
03:35 pm: Boring stuff about food and commerce. - 2 comments
06:45 pm: But soft, what light through younder window breaks? None. It's midnight and the shades are drawn. - 3 comments
12:35 am: It seems that I have to walk until my legs burn if I want a clear thought - 9 comments
12:52 am: Weird habits - 6 comments
03:58 pm: Affirmative action for laughter - 3 comments
02:17 am: I'm a normal nerd in a plastic world - 32 comments
11:44 pm: Insecurity. It's how I roll. Rated R for a gay metaphor. - 11 comments
11:52 pm: Unfinished BIDNESS - 1 comment
09:23 am: Sensitivity training - 13 comments
09:46 am: All the other kids are doing it - 10 comments
12:34 pm: Sublimely ridiculous - 3 comments
09:06 pm: This just in, society is silly - 9 comments
12:47 am: I want to thank god for having remarkably poor judgement - 3 comments
12:18 pm: This puddle is sort of like the grand canyon, only smaller and full of water. And no burro trails.
12:50 pm: Argh matey, here be a list - 1 comment
11:05 pm: Thwarted - 13 comments
12:55 am: Fresh style, cum and get it. - 3 comments
09:36 pm: Evenings with grass and crickets - 12 comments
03:12 pm: It's raining cats and dogs and blood. Coffee grounds eaten straight from the can, no water. - 9 comments
04:46 pm: Everyone is different every sperm is sacred - 1 comment
08:05 pm: "I'm not a violent man, Murphy. No wait. That's not true." - 3 comments
11:03 am: Ownership society of laws - 5 comments
01:29 pm: Ouch, I think I pulled my cerebellum
07:17 pm: Edna, not Gladys
11:11 pm: The kid has left the picture - 4 comments
11:38 pm: Critical critique of critics. Say that ten times fast.
01:08 am: Too much inspiration not enough perspiration
04:38 pm: Policy for a perfect world has no place in this one
04:49 pm: Hey, what if we got Richie Rich to promote this? He's real folksy. - 19 comments
10:04 pm: At least 30-something New York women find my sardonic humor funny! - 6 comments
01:29 am: Meme stolen from rpeate like it was a Florida black man's vote and I was ol' Jeb. - 3 comments
03:03 pm: Look at me. I'm all affirmational. I'm fucking Tony Robbins over here. Not in that way. - 6 comments
03:28 pm: Sucking: Sometimes it's not a choice - 3 comments
08:48 pm: Dream a little dream for me. Leave out the pickles.
08:52 pm: Me me me me me me me - 4 comments
01:18 am: Trick yourself into enjoying foliage - 2 comments
10:15 pm: Bring on the pigskin! - 2 comments
03:28 pm: Churning in the darkness
04:15 pm: Curly fo eye - 7 comments
12:06 am: Greatest threat to western civilization? Metrosexuals. God damned metrosexuals. - 11 comments
03:47 pm: Thank heaven for little girls, because little girls NEVER DO ANYTHING DIRTY!!! ! - 4 comments
10:53 am: Riders by the river
06:15 pm: Emotionally clenched like an anus in a prison shower.
11:52 pm: Poor dope. If only he'd made it to Dayton. - 7 comments
09:41 am: My return to the land of darkness.
03:46 pm: Driving and drinking, in that order.
09:26 am: The end of summer - 5 comments
05:14 pm: You've got to fight for your right to parlay (your love into a career) - 8 comments
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