December 2nd, 2004

Short hair suspicion

Pain game

My feet are cut to hell. Too much walking in worn out shoes. I bought new ones yesterday with special insoles, but it'll take days for the blisters and scabs to heal up. I also strained the muscles in my ankle and calf areas. It sucked. I didn't go to work yesterday. I was willing to but it was raining and we were supposed to put stuff in storage, so it didn't make sense. I also didn't get any work done on my own, which sucked, but frankly I was in quite a bit of pain and still recovering from Tuesday. I am also still blocked by a variety of fears and intense self-awareness. I'm going to try to go in today, but man my feet hurt. It's not a good sign when they bleed either. Power through it, keep going all that jazz. I hate blisters.
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