December 12th, 2004


Sick animals suck

This has just been an awful day. To start with I had to take my cat to the vet, which is never a fun experience. She has a serious wound on her chin and it was bloody and infected. The vet cleaned it out, charged me $200, and gave me some antibiotic stuff to give the cat for a week. Have you ever tried to give antibiotics to a cat? Not only does it hate the antibiotic but it squeals and fights at any attempt to even approach its mouth with the pink gook. So this creates a scenario where you have to chase the cat down, pin it, and try to get it to open its mouth. So far I have not succeeded but I have to before I go to bed tonight. This is going to be a really bad couple of days, especially when you consider that I am going to have to hold her down, clear out her wound with hydrogen peroxide, and sprinkle an antibiotic powder on it as well.

Besides the horrible antibiotic stuff today has mostly been about catching up on my sleep, which is always depressing, I don't know why. I wake up alone at 11:30 after sleeping all day and it's late and dark and I'm usually hungry and have a little headache but am not tired and it just sucks. I'm sure I'll feel better in the morning.

I've also had some creative setbacks, which are incredibly common but still irritating. I am just tired of doing all the heavy lifting in my life by myself without any real assistance. I'm not saying that it's unusual or even unfair, it's just tiring. I'm also getting annoyed by my job, where my responsibilities often exceed my access to information or materials. On Friday I had to send out a festival application that required all sorts of stuff I just didn't have, like the film's budget (I've been trying to get this for months) and the official logline (I got one but in my opinion it wasn't very good. In general I disagree with the direction my boss goes with a lot of his synopsis work. I think in general that he's a better director than he is a writer, but he really likes his writing and this creates a situation where I can't really do much proofing and the like because he doesn't like my edits.) It was a learning experience, but because of having to coordinate the whole thing I had to work through lunch and then go to the main post office to get it mailed off in the middle of a storm so severe that it snapped my umbrella (on loan from the office) like a twig. Realistically I'm looking at a couple years of this type of thing and I'm not too glad about that. Right now what would be ideal for me would be to be part of a creative team working on an interesting project, but I don't have the social skills or contacts to get involved with something like that. I get along great with people in the 40-50 year old range, but they're not looking for 22 year old writers. It's frustrating and depressing.

I hate writing up this 'trifling' shit because I would really like to have more interesting and entertaining things to say, but I don't.

ITunes thinks Depeche Mode is a rock band.
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That's what happens when you associate with the dread creatures known as WOMEN

There's been a further development in the ongoing soap opera saga of my mom's boyfriend's son. For those of you who may have missed it the first time here's a brief recap.

1) He goes down to North Carolina so he can study to be an environmentalist of some sort.
2) He meets a girl who already has a child and falls for her. The child has autism. He's a mathematical savant.
3) He moves in with this girl down there near the college.
4) Come Thanksgiving (which, by the way, occurs at MY house in upstate New York) he drops the A-bomb on his dad and sisters. He has gotten the girl pregnant and married her. He is dropping out of school to work as a stock boy in a Circuit City to help support the family. His sisters go hysterical and start crying. His dad doesn't know what to do. While visiting some nearby friends his wife wrecks their car and they have to stay in New York for an extra couple of weeks.

Here's the new stuff.

5) About a week or so after returning to North Carolina he calls to announce that he's separated from his wife. She's still going to have the baby. He now wants to stay working to help support the baby, since the brief marriage is going to cost him quite a bit in child-support. His dad wants him to go back to school. Whatever happens this whole thing is going to be very expensive for their family and of course since my mom has merged households with this guy it's going to cost her as well.

6) I begin to be very grateful that my grandfather left me enough money that even if my mom goes Bankrupt I'll have SOMETHING.

In addition to all this hillbilly BULLSHIT going on the woman has proved to be something of a conniving bitch. First of all she tricked him into marrying her by claiming to be pregnant when she wasn't (after they were married and 'they' learned she wasn't pregnant they decided to try for the baby and got it quickly.) Secondly she has treated the father of her first child fairly poorly. For example she wasn't supposed to take the child out of North Carolina so she brought him to New York without informing the father. Fathers get the shaft in our society when it comes to child custody and even though she (of course) claimed that the dad was not a great guy I was (naturally) suspicious without hearing his side. Now Matt has to deal with a woman who will probably say the same things about him. Their marriage didn't even last my over-under of 2 years. It didn't make it through the semester in which their relationship started.

Now while I can't help but be somewhat amused by the ways events have gone (I think I won <lj user="iconoclast"'s holiday soap opera of the year award) it's also something of an object lesson. People are idiots when it comes to interpersonal relationships and they make rash and stupid decisions with long-ranging consequences. He shouldn't have even had sex with her within the first 3 months of their relationship, let alone married her and fathered a child. Now he's got a lifetime of commitment and no partner for it. I really don't know whose fault it is, and I don't have to. It's probably both of theirs. The point is that dumb young people write checks that their older supposedly wiser selves have to keep cashing.
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