April 30th, 2005

Short hair suspicion

Future? P-L-U-Perfect

For those of you offended by my last post, like the shrinking violet iconoclast I apologize. I have literally no sense of shame about those things. One of my favorite songs growing up was Green Day's "Long View" and I still love it.

Things are going okay right now. I'm pretty happy with some of the stuff I've been doing in best_medicine (Despite the distinct lack of appreciation for all that comedy GOLD that people have) although there's a lot of planned stuff that I haven't been able to get to because I keep getting interrupted by my EX-job. I was down there on Thursday until around 7:00. I'm trying very hard to focus on the things that will prepare me for the kind of writing I eventually want to do for profit. It's tough to resist certain topics though. For example:

Eliot Spitzer rocks. He seems to be like the ONE current politician who has the balls to go up against the horrors of modern society and say "FUCK YOU! YOU WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH THIS!" He is a voice to my outrage and anger, which makes sense because I helped vote him in as my attorney general. His most recent suit is an example of exactly the sort of thing I would do in my position. For years now I have been saying "How can these spyware makers get away with hijacking our computers and using our machines for their own benefit? It'd be like someone breaking into your car and plastering advertisements all over the inside, and making sure the radio could only play their tunes." The government has done nothing, but now Eliot Spitzer is at least starting the process.

Of course it won't last. He'll either give up and get subverted by the system or the corporate interests that iconoclast loves so well and the oligarchs that jerseydreaming wants to surround himself with will spend enough money to bitchslap him into obscurity, but damn if it isn't nice while it lasts. The government actually standing up FOR the little guy, the average Joe. The fellow who doesn't know how his computer runs just that it's slower than it used to be and keeps asking him to buy porn.

It's enough to get a person thinking optimistic.
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