May 31st, 2005


Ways to make me want to kill you

I'm not a particularly violent person. In fact those who know me have commented on my ability to keep my cool in a stressful or frustrating situation (this wasn't always the case) and to approach things with logic and reason rather than emotion.

There are, however, things that get my goat. There are things that make me very angry. Angry enough to kill? No. Angry enough to write a bitter rant on my blog. Oh yes. THAT angry!

The following things are Internet occurrences, many of them on Livejournal, that will cause me to want to flip out and kill the perpetrator. If you are a law enforcement agent in the New York Metropolitan area please do not construe this as an actual threat to flip out and kill anyone. If I do kill anyone I promise it will be with cold-eyed precision that will protect any bystanders. Unless the person commits a #1. If someone does a #1 you'll have to shoot me to stop me, but you should probably shoot them instead, because they SUCK.

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