July 13th, 2005

glaring glavine

News that leers at tragedy and claps its hands.

CNN.com has a new feature that allows you to watch television reports on the website. It is promoting it by tagging stories that have TV segments attached with the "Watch it now for free" headline next to them. Unfortunately this creates some disturbingly honest juxtapositions.

• 27 killed in Iraq attack 'mostly children' | Watch Free

Yes, we're not FOX NEWS. We're not going to CHARGE you to watch the Iraqi children die. We provide that service free of charge, so drink it in. Jam your eyes wide open you bloodthirsty bastards and ENJOY. Enjoy the carnage and viscera of war, enjoy watching intestines unspool from slashed-open stomachs and the charred faces of infants spitting up blood as their internal hemorrhaging ends their tiny lives. Watch watch watch. Don't ask questions. Just watch.


And if the 27 'mostly children' dead aren't enough you can always SUPER SIZE IT with some Pakistani tragedy!

• 100 killed in three-train crash | Watch Free

I know what you're thinking. "What? No shark attack or missing white women?" They're still working the kinks out.

I no longer watch cable news because it has made us a nation of sick voyeurs. You tell me what's worse, watching some woman paid to have sex with a guy she doesn't really like or to watch the war porn of a devastated nation while unquestioning anchors intone the same bullshit sadness even as they lap up the ratings and think about their brand new boats. You tell me what's worth, sexploitation or the exploitation of violence and death.

Or maybe you don't want to bother asking those kinds of questions. Maybe you just want to turn on the TV and get back to the shark attacks and London bombings and every other bit of fun entertainment this sad sick world can provide.

How can Rick Santorum say he's pro family value when the record show he's a divorcee who never so much as answers a phone call from his ex-wife. Her name? Reality.