December 12th, 2005


Good vibrations

Who thinks it's a good sign if the night before you head back to work you start having nightmares that you're already back at work and people are screaming at you for sleeping on the job even though you're technically off the clock and need the sleep?


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Monday, what a sonofabitch

Some days try to knock you down. Occasionally they do so through subtle means, like a bad night of sleep followed by a train delay and then a stubbed toe. Those days are rough, but usually tolerable. Then there are the days that hit you like a sledgehammer. The days where you wake up with a sore throat, slog into work at 5:45 AM, almost get hit by a car while locking down a street because some crazy woman decided that the orange cones and big man standing in front of her wouldn't stop her from driving straight through, and neither would the pair of cops I called for backup just a little too late. The days where your boss goes home early because HE'S sick, and is replaced by a fellow coworker who immediately goes on a power trip for the rest of the day.

The days where your workday lasts 15.5 hours, More like 17 if you count travel time.

Monday fucking sucks.

Of course it wasn't all bad. I did learn a few things (no, screw you, I won't share. Work your own 16 hour days if you want to start unlocking the secrets of the entertainment industry.) I did survive.


No, that's about it.

If I'd gotten hit by the car I would have been able to leave work early and go home or to the hospital and rest and eat Jello.

Stupid woman driver! Learn to run someone down properly!