February 18th, 2006


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Apparently some Republicans didn't get the memo to stop blaming the victim Re: The Cheney Shooting. While "If he didn't want to get shot he shouldn't have been where he was" certainly makes a delightful parallel to other fun political groups (Al Qaeda: If he hadn't a wanted to get blown up he shouldn't have been in those towers. Nazis: If they didn't want to choke to death on poison gas why did they agree to take a shower?) it's also disturbing. See the Republicans are supposedly the party of personal responsibility, and what are you more personally responsible for than what you do or do not shoot? When I used to go shooting with my dad (usually bows and arrows or air guns, and never at live targets) the one rule that was drilled into my head was that the person holding the weapon is completely responsible for what it gets pointed at. You don't whirl around with a taut bow string or your finger on the trigger because you might just shoot someone who isn't where you expect them to be. When there's an inkling of doubt you don't pull the trigger because in non life-or-death situations you can always get another chance to take the shot. You can never un-take it.

Dick Cheney was not in a life or death situation.

It took him quite awhile to accept responsibility, and others are still trying to cover for him. Not cool.

The fact of the matter is that what happened in that field was, indeed, an accident, but it was also the result of irresponsible behavior. One could say the same about the Iraq war, a conflict whose cost has been far higher than a single man receiving a relatively minor gunshot wound. Billions of dollars have gone missing on the Bush-Cheney watch and nobody has stepped up to take responsibility for that. Heck the guy who said that WMDs were a slam dunk was deemed worthy of a Medal.

Of course it wouldn't all be so hideously hypocritical if the Republicans also weren't the party of no second chances. You better believe that if a young black man had done what Cheney did he would not be receiving the same treatment. There's a double standard. Mercy and understanding towards those who are part of the in crowd and cold-hearted judgment and retribution against the powerless. Nobody really wants to talk about that side of compassionate conservatism. Its compassion for you is based on how conservative it judges you to be.


If slaves didn't want to get whipped, why'd they get tied to the whipping post? I mean really.