June 18th, 2006


White privilege is FUN

If you HAPPEN to be out on the Appalachian trail for a weekend and you HAPPEN to pass a shelter where some religious nuts from Florida tell you to Turn Back Turn Back, you should probably do so, otherwise you're going to end up having to sleep on the ground in the middle of the trail, and one of your friends is going to get iodine poisoning, and it's just not going to turn out well for anyone.

On the PLUS side, however, you WILL be able to trade in on your non-threatening relatively wholesome appearance (No tattoos, short hair, inoffensive T-shirts) to get a ride to the train station from a kindly older gentleman.*

Us city dwellers happily forget that there's an America out there where cynicism and fear of strangers aren't yet considered virtues, and where three twenty-somethings on the side of the road are not potential carjackers but just some boys who need a ride to the train station.

What, strangers aren't enemies? What kind of crazy world are YOU living in?

Overall it was an interesting weekend, but I need to drop some more lbs before setting out on that kind of hike again. My feet are one big blister.

* The older gentleman was indeed VERY kindly, and I have no proof whatsoever that he would not have happily provided succor to anyone in need. Judging solely from the few minutes I got to know him I'd say that it would be more about how someone presented themself than something as arbitrary as race. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't give a ride to someone with foul language or violent/sexual images on their clothes. This is, however, pure conjecture. He may just be a good Samaritan.

Poll #750871 White priveledge poll

Does white privilege help in hitchhiking

In Amerikkka? Why not ask whether money helps in getting elected?
Most of the time, but you can never know when it's working, that's what makes it so insidious!
On a subconscious level, sure. I blame the media!
Maybe a little.
Everyone has an equal shot of being treated well by strangers.

If you are in position to use White Privilege, should you?

Use any advantage you can whenever you can
Only because you can't know when you're using it.
So long as you make an effort to make this world a less racist place.
For Emergency Use Only
What Never? NO! NEVER!
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