July 2nd, 2006


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Catherine Keener is a beautiful actress with talent and intelligence. It is my opinion that she never became a STAR because A) She chose projects that were too interesting to capture the dull imagination of the duller American public and B) She fails to be non threateningly brainless or hopelessly oversexed. Instead she comes off as a beautiful intelligent confident woman, and really, who the fuck wants to see that?


Of course she might not have wanted the sorts of roles that lead to massive attention and money, since they tend to be dumb. That is a consideration. But still. She's more interesting and pleasurable to watch than 99% of the actresses out there, and that has to count for something. And when Hollywood puts some 22 year old bimbo in a role that calls for a Catherine Keener type it makes me want to shoot at the projector, because it IS possible to be beautiful, sexy, and intelligent on screen all at once. You don't have to settle for just the first two!

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Catherine Keener is sexier than any 22 year old size 2 with perfect skin

Not Jessica Alba!
I enjoy pudding and sex with men, asshole.

Why did Catherine Keener never achieve full blown mainstream stardom?

Why don't you want to fuck Catherine Keener circa 1997?