August 25th, 2006


Everybody's equal

blorky would argue that it's wrong to whip women for adultery when they can't produce 4 male witnesses to their rape. I happen to disagree. I think it's not so much wrong as insanely heinous and completely outside the boundaries of what a rational society would allow.

Imagine the criminal mastermind. He wants to rape a woman but he does not want to be punished for it. Knowing that unless there are four male witnesses to what has happened he won't be punished he waits until the woman is in a place where she can't be seen by 4 men and rapes her there. WHAT A BRILLIANT PLAN.

I wonder whether people who support that kind of shit actually don't understand how easy it is to get around such a retarded law, or if they just don't care, or worse, believe a woman shouldn't be in a place where four men can't see her. After all who knows what kind of womanly mischief she might get up to.

Seriously, if someone could explain how any person with a functional brain could believe that this is good criminal law, I'd like to hear that explanation. Because it literally sounds to me like something a retarded person would come up with. Like there's some chunk of brain missing there.


Expensive Rims...WTF?

I remember the first time I saw flashy rims on a big truck. My first thought was "Those are pretty cool. I'd pay like $40 for them." Turns out they cost more like $1,200.

Why the hell would you spend that kind of money on RIMS (assuming you aren't rich.) How much time do you spend looking at the wheels of your car? I kind of get buying an expensive car for people who spend 3-4 hours a day in their automobile, but RIMS?

Are folks really so insecure that they are worried what random motorists who pass them on the highway and don't even see their faces think of them? Is it just about picking up women?

Of course this comes from someone who wears New Balance sneakers because they're comfortable and support my arches well. So I guess I am not an arbiter of cool.

The 80's

Reading the Wikipedia article about the band "The Outfield" is just hilarious. "After hitting it big with 'Your Love' The Outfield went on tour, opening for Journey and Starship."

On the one hand, that's friggin' hilarious. On the other the hell out of opening for Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson.

I kind of miss the days when our terrible music was just cheesy as hell pop and rock rather than cynical corporate swill. I mean when Journey played "Don't Stop Believin'" They MEANT IT! It wasn't because the computer program that calculates the appropriateness of specific melodies for the target demographics reported that inserting a few power chords into the bridge would increase sales by at least 7% in the southwestern region.