September 14th, 2006


Fox Shox

I expect Fox News to be awful, but whenever I turn it on I find them reaching a new low. This time it was on Fox and Friends, where they were discussing a photograph of a Taliban funeral taken by a drone. The Fox and Friends were very bitter about this picture. Why? Because America had it, and yet didn't KILL anyone.

There could have been a hellfire missile on that drone.


They're pissed because America DIDN'T kill people at a funeral. That's so bloodthirsty it turns my stomach.

Every time I expect the worst and Fox serves up...the worser.

I am a complainer...

I know I complain a lot about movies, TV, and the state of writing in both... But here is a script that is just unassailably GOOD. Yes, it comes from one of my all time favorite shows, but I defy you to read it and not laugh out loud a couple times. And I also defy you to not see almost immediately what differentiates the writing on this from the writing on 99% of television shows.

When you see what's possible in a format it becomes harder to accept those who are willing to put out dreck because the public will eat it up for some unknown reason. And the thing is, most of the shows that have been TRULY popular recently, were really good, and well-written. Cheers, Seinfeld...okay Friends sucked but not because of the quality of the writing, it was because of the morally bankrupt perspective. In terms of pure quality it was good. Will & Grace too. The writing was extremely sharp even if the show was grating as hell.

So it's not like there's some sort of tension between commercial success on a sitcom and great writing. Sure some really well-written shows, like Arrested Development never take off, but there's usually another reason for that (Fox treated AD like crap, and it was also very outside the box in addition to having a fabulous writing staff.) There's no reason for Two and a Half Men and Still Standing to be the standards in a genre that CAN BE DONE WELL.

If only I ran Hollywood...