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September 15th, 2006

12:13 pm - It sounds crazy...

But I think my life would be about 200% better if DVD packaging actually operated like this.

Ze honesty, she is like a cool summer breeze exciting my nether regions.

03:10 pm

If Iconoclast reads only one lurid political/homosexual memoir about a former governor's man on man love affair, it probably won't be this one.

Seriously, though, this is slimy. It's not about McGreevey being gay, it's about his being CORRUPT. And now he's trying to profit off that corruption. First he tries out for the TV gig, now the book. Jim McGreevey did a lot of bad things. He cheated on his wife. He engaged in nepotism with an important post in the New Jersey government. He lied to try and cover it all up. This is not the heart wrenching story of a man realizing that he's gay and having to deal with the fallout. This is the story of a guy who wanted it both ways and cared about himself above all else.

If McGreevey had discovered he was gay and left his wife because of it (rather than cheating on her) and faced political consequences because of that I would have enormous sympathy for him. As it is I think he's a slimeball and should slink away in the shadows lucky he's not being put up on corruption charges.

Being a homosexual is very difficult in American society. Those who have to suffer through the confusing and trying process of coming out deserve our support and sympathy. On the other hand, being a homosexual doesn't give you carte blanch to do whatever you want. There are lots of homosexuals who are bad people or commit bad acts. I think McGreevey's getting preferential treatment just because he's gay (If all this had happened with a straight politician would there be ANYTHING but scorn for him? Would he get a book deal?) I think that's wrong. His gayness is not the issue. His actions are.
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