September 27th, 2006



Click on the link marked "Marine sought 'comfort' raping girl" and you will see a terrible story about a young woman who was raped by a recruiter. First, however, you will see a Netflix advertisement.

I find this disturbing.

We all know that news and commerce are intimately tied at this point (It wasn't always so, at least not to this extent.) But this particular video really brought it home. Here you have a girl who has been raped, and is now being interviewed by CNN. In exchange for showing us this interview CNN requires us to sit through an advertisement. In essence we are buying her story. And CNN is selling it, even though she gets nothing.

It is also in CNNs interest that army recruiters rape young girls so they can get that story and sell it. Obviously CNN will do nothing to encourage this behavior, but still... Profiting off that is distasteful to say the least.

I know the free marketers will be quick (instantaneous even) to defend these kinds of practices, but there has to be a psychological cost to essentially paying to view a story about the rape of a young girl.

Commerce and tragedy are necessarily intermingled, but we should always be aware of what that actually means. And maybe, just maybe, we should make more of an effort to keep them at least at arm's length.

My body betrays...

I have seen a nutritionist who has put me on a diet of the shit we all know we SHOULD eat but nobody actually wants to. Like steamed vegetable, chicken, and brown rice.


Also my shoulders are WEAK and I want them cut off. Whenever I do strength training my shoulders are always the weak point in any exercise. They are where I feel pain and strain while the rest of my muscles are saying "IT'S GO TIME." I do shoulder strengthening stuff, and it helps some, but they are still always LAGGING. These shoulders are INAPPROPRIATE for the rest of my body and should be shot.

More feminism please

This bothers me.

It's not that I understand that some women feel naked without their makeup, it's that I think that they should be pissed that they feel that way, because makeup is bullshit. It's something forced on women for no particular reason except social norms and that men like their chicks painted.

I support feminist crusades against makeup and body hair shaving (or at least equality in body hair shaving.) And I personally think most women look more attractive out of makeup than in it. Zits, uneven skin tone, wrinkles...all are part of what makes a person a person. And I am attracted to human females. So why paint over their humanity?