December 1st, 2006


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I have a new phone.

Also a new Macintosh laptop.

The laptop is strictly for various projects I'm working on but it's still exciting. The phone is for fun (also my old phone was dead and probably isn't even worth giving to one of those "donate your old cellphone" programs.) It has a full keyboard, so I can join the texting revolution. I even got a plan. A texting plan.

This is pretty uninteresting for you guys, since I don't think anybody who reads this journal would actually want to text me, but, you know...

How about them Sunnis?

(Yes I am very poor now.)

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I read an article the other day trying to explain falling network TV audiences by the sheer number of entertainment competitors that exist these days. Included in the mix with video games, DVDs, and "A series of tubes" was the long distance phone call. Now maybe it's a generational thing, but I don't remember a time when long distance phone calls were a huge deal. Sure they were costly in the 80's, but you could get another plan if you made a lot of them and I never had to ration that much. These days with cellphones they're practically free. I don't really think of them as entertainment though. They're a way to keep in touch with friends, like letters once were, and email and text messages are these days. I never think "Oh boy, I get to make a long distance phone call tonight. THIS IS GOING TO ROCK!"

Poll #879905 Distance

Do you consider long distance phone calls to be a luxury/entertainment service on par with the web or DVDs?

No, they're just a basic communication device
Yes, back in my day they were expensive and rare, now they're cheaper than dirt.
I have nobody to call. So lonely. So lonely
DVDs? The internet? I am still grappling with the digital watch. How does it work without winding? This is madness, I tell you, MADNESS!