December 18th, 2006


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This is how George Bush's America treats its citizens.

The one thing that isn't mentioned in the article but that I think might be a real possibility is that there was some sort of connection between the black market weapons sellers and someone in the government/army. In other words he was being punished not due to a horrible mixup but because he was a whistle blower. Payback for putting an end to a profitable business in black market arms dealing.

Would people in our government/army really sell weapons that might be used on our troops in order to fatten their own wallets? You bet your ass they would. Maybe not most of them, but some. They either rationalize it as "The Iraqis will just shoot each other with these guns" or they just don't give a fuck. Either way I'm sure this is going on, and I think it's likely that someone in a position of power is pissed that his profitable side-business got wrecked by some meddlesome do-gooder.

We've reached THIS level people. The level where the oligarchs can throw you in jail for as long as they want with no legal protections. How can we call ourselves a shining example of democracy when we are shaming our country's name with these kinds of abominable activities?

I am not ashamed to be an American but I am ashamed of the things America has done these last 6 years, and I am ashamed of what America is becoming.
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