December 20th, 2006


Oh Goodie!

We're showing them how AMERICA gets things done! HOO HA!

Slavery eh? Why isn't this getting more publicity. Nothing would make the Rednecks happier than to know slavery was coming back. This could lead to a whole rethinking of the institution. We hear a lot about reparations to those who suffered under slavery, but what about those who had their lawful property confiscated by the state? Where's their justice?

I'm proud to be an American, because...


historically we did pretty well for awhile there, didn't we?
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Fun with Uniting

What do you guys think of this?

Personally I view it as even more evidence that those who moralize the most are often the most corrupt. Anan could easily afford housing, and in fact has it provided for him, but he sees nothing wrong in taking advantage of programs designed for the poor and middle class.

I also find the U.N.s obsession with attacking the Western world quite vexing. Everyone knows where the worst human rights abuses take place, yet nobody really talks about it. Sharia law is CLEARLY in violation of the U.N.s views on the rights of women, but where is the outrage? I'm not a conservative U.N. hater, but I do believe that it is in serious need of reform and it needs to happen sooner, rather than later.

Gotta give credit where it's due

Those rightwing nutjobs are dedicated in their smearing.

Barak Obama is now potentially disloyal because he A) wants to honor his father and B) is considered Muslim by some nebulous Arab street, an Arab street that Debbie Schlussel CLEARLY knows as well as anyone.

I thought trying to honor your father was both a commandment and a family value. I thought that Christianity accepted any and all converts so long as they appear sincere (and Obama certainly does, to the point of needling secularists like me) without question or qualification.

For those who would point out that Schlussel is Jewish and just one person, she's far from the only one making these ludicrous assertions. It's racism pure and simple (Obama comes from a Muslim background and is thus impure! JUST LOOK AT HIS NAME!) If you want to criticize Obama do it for his positions and his actions, not because of his name (which he could not control) or the religion of his forefathers, which is about as relevant as his astrological sign. This is some really low and dirty gutter shit.


I signed on to LJ talk to see if anybody wanted to talk to me, because I am extremely charming and interesting and totally worth talking to.

Nobody did.
Not a one.
Not even naruvonwilkins who, let's face it, is very boring and only wants to talk about trains and bike paths all the time and would be LUCKY to have someone of my caliber speak to him.

Even trainboy didn't want to talk to me.

So in response I am REJECTING all of you. Every last one. You don't want to talk to me? I don't want to talk to you. Yes, YOU. YOU most of all. Here I am all prepared to talk about topics of INFINITE interest, or even the latest trend in light-rail planning (You're yawning already...see how boring it is?) and you are all out there giving me a shoulder that, if it is not cold, is at MOST lukewarm. Well I give you the lukewarm shoulder right back. I reject you, I will NOT be sending you lutefisk this holiday season, which you were very much looking forward to.

Instead do you know what you are getting? A good shunning. Shun shun shun. I hope you learned something from this.
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