December 30th, 2006



I'm quite miserable. Really really depressed.

And the thing is that it's quite justified. My life is pretty crappy right now and there's not a lot of immediate relief on the horizon. Of course there are things I can do, and I'm committed to doing them, but none of them will likely bear fruit for at least a few months, possibly a few years. And for now? I've pretty much got shit.

Which sucks.

And so I'm miserable. And fighting against my urges to engage in self-destructive habits to alleviate that misery. Which makes me more miserable. It's a beautiful spiral.
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The real tragedy

A lot of people have been posting about the death of Saddam Hussein. Some point out the inherent injustice of capital punishment, some believe that his death was earned, and some just don't care. Nobody seems to want to talk about the real victims...

No, not the Iraqi people,


Think about poor Donald Rumsfeld. Not only has he lost his job, but also his good buddy from the 80's. Think about how alone he must feel without his dear friend. Donnie and Saddy will never again hit the Discos in Baghdad looking for hot Iraqi tail. That dream is dead now.

And George Bush. He's lost one of his fake media-created threats to America. Saddam's trial was a constant reminder of how dangerous he used to be. Ooo, so scary. Now he's been hung. No more fear.

And finally all the Neocons who claimed that if we could only get rid of Saddam we could transform the country of Iraq into a functional modern democracy. Well Saddam's gone, totally and finally, and Iraq's a mess. Now it's being rubbed in their faces. That's gotta suck.

The fact of the matter is that Republicans are suffering more than anything over this. They deserve our sympathy. With luck and a worldwide case of Amnesia they'll be back on their feet and destroying this country in no time, but for now they're sad, lonely, and scared. As 2006 ends it wouldn't hurt to find your nearest Republican and give him a hug. Let him know that even though he's contributed to the destruction of both America and Iraq you can't stay mad at him. Remind him of how his tax cuts allowed him to have a Merry Christmas even as they mortgage our future to China. Point out that George Bush still has two years to turn this thing around, and why wouldn't he? He's nothing if not adaptable.

Then ask him to do you a favor and never, ever, vote again.
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