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January 25th, 2007

12:16 am

In case anyone thinks that racism and prudish morality don't still rule the roost in parts of America...read this.

The thing that really shocks me here is the prosecutor who thinks that 5 years is an appropriate punishment for having consensual oral sex with someone 2 years younger than you. I think that any punishment is too much, but I could imagine a prude thinking that a couple hundred hours of community service were in order. 5 years in prison? That's just insane.

There's obviously no real political pressure on the prosecutor to release the kid, which means that a lot of other people agree that jail time is appropriate for a blow job. Insane.

11:01 am

Why the hell is Isaiah Washington in rehab?

He's not even pretending to have a drinking problem.

Can rehab really cure you of the tendency to say "Faggot" in public?

This story has been clogging up space in various news outlets for way too long. Isaiah Washington is a jerk and probably a bigot. Let's move on. Most people are jerks and bigots. A large percentage of the American population is openly homophobic.

I don't think Washington's job should be threatened over something as stupid as saying "faggot." That's just massively oversensitive. It's one thing to be persistently bigoted and intimidating, but there has to be a certain amount of tolerance for those whose attitudes offend us.

If Washington wants therapy to get to the bottom of his homophobia that's fine and admirable, but we all know that what's actually going on here is that he's going to make a big show of contrition and the only thing he's going to learn is to keep his mouth shut in public.

The Kabuki theater of public contrition serves nobody and just buries the real issues at hand.

09:46 pm

So. Fucking. Cold. I need more radiators.

Casinos can change the rules whenever they feel like it. Here's hoping you have an ugly optician.
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