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February 11th, 2007

06:25 pm - Sillycamp

Jesus Camp, available on Google Video, has popped up on my friends list recently, with a lot of people being seriously disturbed by it. I've watched it, and while obviously there are a lot of disturbing elements the thing that bothers me most is the enormous waste of energy. I think about how much TIME and EFFORT is spent trying to act according to the dictates of a 2000 year old piece of literature, and it drives me nuts. That time and energy could be spent on science, or art, or making the world a better place. It could be spent on ships in bottles. Watching these kids devoting all of their young energy and desire towards the silliness of religion is frustrating and heartbreaking.

There's one little Blonde boy who, about 35 minutes in, talks about how hard it is for him to believe in the Bible, which makes sense seeing as the Bible is a load of crap. You just know that kid is going to have to spend his teens or 20's detoxing all that guilt. It's a waste.

As a side note, I always hated sleep away camp. I hate the authoritarian structures, the enforced groupthink, the callous administrators. It's like mildly supervised Lord of the Flies.
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