November 23rd, 2007



I went to a kosher Thanksgiving at my aunt's house this year. It marked a big change for me, both because it was the first time I went to a thanksgiving celebration in a few years, and the first time I'd seen my cousin in a decade. He and I had a big falling out when my dad died, and I guess it took me this long to get over my resentment and see him again. We had a pleasant conversation, he quotes the Torah a lot, and I guess we've buried the hatchet. His kids are very cute and well behaved. There were things that bothered me (The daughter was expected to set the table and manage the food while the boys were free to play) but nothing worth getting worked up about. As much as I have a problem with some Orthodox values, there are much worse fates for children than to grow up in an Orthodox household. Sure there may be some sexism and a lot of rules, but their dad is kind and present in their lives, and to some degree I think the structure helps them. All the kids seemed happy.
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