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Well I gave the test and it went alright. Four students showed up fort he test, with a fifth coming late but allowed to by my supervisor. Two of the students left immediatly after the test and one had to take another test so I ended up going over the test with just one other person, a late twenties or early thirties woman named Cristina. I carefully explained all the questions that she got wrong and we chatted some about stuff that wasn't all that pertinent to the class. She told me about her view of spirtuality and how our ancestors look down on us from heaven, giving us hints as to what we should do in life which show up as irrational urges. I tried to explain my view of aetheism but she just repeated that if I tried hard enough I could find what she called meaning. It was interesting because I've never heard anyone talk about faith as an active process involving practise and effort before. Most people tell you that you should believe but I've never had anyone tell me that I should TRY to believe even if I don't and eventually that belief will come to me. It was strange.

Of course she also said that I should become a scientist (because apparently I communicate the science to her in terms of examples that she can understand. I don't know, science ain't really my thang, well it is, but math isn't, and high level science is often just math in pretty clothing.)

She wants me to tutor her in math during the fall semester. I'm willing to try to help but it's very strange to be teaching someone who calls you a little boy and talks down to you about certain other subjects. I mean I understand that she has lived a lot longer than I have and experienced a ton more, but it's still odd to seperate academic and life knowledge to the point where we can both be talking down to one another. I'm more used to a traditional older teacher younger student relationship, or at the most peers. It's definitly odd.

After class I decided to give in to the advertising campaign by KFC featuring Jason Alexander. The truth of the matter is that I really do enjoy Kentucky Fried Chicken, but I don't eat it much because the closest store is almost a mile away. But today I trudged down there, picking up a 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke on the way, and bought a bucket with some mashed potatoes and buscuits. More than enough to last me all of today and probably into tomorrow, but not a ludicrous amount. Anyway while I was trudging back home 2 different strangers spoke to me. One was a door man who just said "It feels like the air is steam" (it is damn hot out today. The air is humid and scorching and it feels like you're walking through a thick fog of sheer heat. It was not an ideal day to walk to KFC but I had a craving) and one was a construction worker who said "All you need now is Ice!" I don't know how many of you know New York City, but it is not very common for strangers to just say stuff like that. I guess the heat just makes people long for human contact of any sort if only so they can complain about how damn hot it is.

The chicken was good and I drank almost half a gallon of water so I feel better now.

Anyway it was a pretty good beginning to a day and I can't say that I don't have any pride in being told that I communicate well by Cristina. I mean it's rewarding to have someone tell you you're doing a good job when you're volunteering your time to try to help someone.

I think I'll sign up again next semester.

Now I'm going to go play Bloody Roar 3 a little and zone out. My mom's coming back WAY too soon and I need to take advantage of the time I have left. No long essays this time I'm afraid.

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