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I watched Mission Impossible 2 just now and I must say that it was much better than I thought it would be. While the plot was full of holes (the company had the genetic code of Chimera and yet couldn't replicate it? For some reason everyone knew that the virus would become airborne and infect the entire country but only after the cure window had passed? What happened to the murderous CEO who was willing to endanger the world for cash? He gets off scott free because he's a capitalist?) John Woo kept everything moving at a quick enough clip that even a nit picker like me didn't have much time to complain about the script in between breathtaking action scenes. The people who didn't appreciate this movie just don't appreciate John Woo action. It's not about realism or consistancy or anything except a guy doing a wheelie on a motorcycle while exploding car parts fly about him shooting with pinpoint accuracy at the driver of another car. It's all about how everything fits together and all the energy and motion resolves around the hero leaving him relatively unscathed and everything else in chaos. It's quite beautiful in its own way.

The movie did feature a rather striking female stereotype though. The supposedly incredibly adept woman who ends up being nothing more than a pawn in the battle between the hero and villain. In this case it was even more pronounced because the girl only had one point in which her skills came into play and she botched it, apparently because she was too busy flirting with Tom Cruise (although that's an understandable reason to botch almost anything. Those eyes of his..hachachacha.) She even gets to directly express her stereotypical "Untamed but just waiting for the right whip" attitude with the lines "If you want me you'll have to catch me" and of course the classic, "What're you going to do? Spank me?" It really was quite blatent and I couldn't help but think, and perhaps it's racist, Asian director+dark skinned woman=this? It was probably in the script beforehand but considering all the thinking I've been doing recently about gender roles it stuck out as a sore spot in the film for me. Didn't stop me from enjoying the incredibly coreographed stunts or Ving Rhames, but did add just a bit of sour to the eye candy.

Jeff accused me of calling him and hanging up out of embarassement which is just total bullshit. I mean I lambast him regularly in this journal, which is public for all intents and purposes, and yet he thinks that I would actually lack the guts to call him? It really irritates me when he displays such a low opinion of me because I haven't done anything to deserve it.

My mother returns in less than 12 hours, some of which I am going to have to spend sleeping. This scares me very much. She's on a plane right now headed on a collision course with my life which is actually starting to run somewhat smoothly. I've got to be strong....but it's going to be hard. Expect a lot of rage and pain to be sprayed over the pages of this journal in the near future. Grab your raingear gentlemen and get ready for the deluge.

The internet is annoying me with its slowness and the terrible terrible advertisements. Just once I'd like to see a smart add attempt, you know advertise with a sale or a cool product or something. Not just lame pictures and javascripts. Dr. X would say bollocks to that I'd wager, but being from New York I'll just say fuck that shit.

I will probably post again before the creature arrives. I think I'm going to go either watch some bad TV or try to get through one of my probably over 100 unwatched DVDs. Maybe I'll even play Syphon Filter or Metal Gear Solid 2 Demo to try to burn off some of the spy movie remnants from MI2.

Earlier today I had the idea to write one of those temptation power stories (You know, like Spawn, he has incredible power but its use has a terrible and irreversable side effect so it exists mostly as a temptation rather than a tool.) It made me ruminate once more on some of the problems I have as a writer. I tend to get too attached to my characters. I don't like to see them suffer at all, even for a little while, and I don't like them to be out of control. I know that for a good story you really do need to give the protaganist a big problem to overcome, but I have trouble doing that. Maybe if I outlined stuff better so I knew exactly where it was going. Maybe I just need time.

This journal is the biggest writing project I have undertaken in quite awhile and while I'm not happy with how it turned out it wasn't a total disaster. That's good I guess.

I have developed a taste for water. This is a healthy thing, but I'm going to have to argue with my mom about how purified water tastes better than tap. Her taste buds are old and nonfunctional so she can drink sour milk and not realize it and call me names because I refuse to drink the same milk which I can tell is sour.

Christ I wish she wasn't coming back. She's such a terrible terrible person. She's a walking bitter disaster and no matter what I do she will wreak havok on my psyche.

Maybe that's one of the reasons I feel I can never succeed, because with her success is LITERALLY impossible. I'm not afraid of much but I fear the devil and in this case it dyes its hair and speaks with a shrill Baltimore accent.
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