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Simple is as simple does

noumignon and iconoclast made interesting observations, which basically boiled down to the fact that. in the world of LJ, people like simpler and more focused entries. I've long held that this is the case in entertainment in general. That's why a film like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind has trouble making back its budget, while a film like Something's Gotta Give becomes a huge hit. I'm not condemning, or comparing my journal to Eternal Sunshine, I'm just taking note. So, as an exercise I am going to try and bring focus to the entries, looking at a single subject at a time. There are a couple of reasons I've avoided in the past. For one this journal was originally started as sort of an extension of psychotherapy. In therapy one does not censor or shape one's thoughts like that. A lot of it is about interpreting patterns from associations and interconnected ideas. Holding back thoughts and restraining oneself can stifle the process. Go where the thoughts lead you. On the other hand, writing is about editing and restraint. I need to apply that more.

The other reason that I've avoided a bunch of smaller more focused entries is that I have a lot I want to say during the course of a given day, and a thousand reasons to say it. This means that I'm not going to reduce my output, because the more writing you do the better feel you get for it. I think that my journal writing has certainly improved since I've been writing regularly again, and it does transfer over into my fiction. I didn't want to spam people's friends pages with five to eight entries a day. I figured that a large overly complicated post that was easy to skip would be simpler. Nobody wants to see 8 little Bert heads chomping on babies on their 20 person friends list, and I don't want anyone to have to deal with the choice between defriending (which I don't really care about, but some people see as a huge slap in the face) and having me take over their page. The thing is, I shouldn't care. People can read, not read, come by on occasion, study intently, whatever they want.

Therefore, for the next week, I'm going to keep every entry to one topic, or a couple of closely related topics. They'll be more numerous, shorter, and hopefully both more readable and more interesting. This is a writing experiment. I hope it goes well.
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