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I been up

Ugh, shortsighted decisions. I stayed up late on Saturday for the purposes of doing some work for a website I'm freelancing for. Unfortunately the work didn't get done becuase the guy I was supposed to work with didn't show up, but I still woke up groggy this morning. I was supposed to write my story today, but as you can tell from the previous entries my writing skills have not just deserted me today, they've taken off to Mexico and they ain't looking back. Another day burned without much to show for it. I did watch some movies I'd been meaning to see though. Saw Full Metal Jacket again, and still like it quite a bit. It's not a perfect film, or brilliant, but it's both brutal and watchable, a rare combination, and R. Lee Ermy is the man.

Saw most of 2001. I can appreciate it but I don't like it either in the sense of enjoying it or thinking it's a particularly good film. It's too psychadelic and silly, not creepy enough. The ending just doesn't work, it's a psychadelic mess. Acting's good though.

I also looked at Bad Boys II but it's flat out awful. Michael Bay spends a whole lot of money for big special effects and then ruins them so many quick cuts that you have no clue what's going on. He's like Eisenstein with Downs Syndrome. What else is there to say?

I mentioned the Neil Labute flick I saw a couple of days ago, "The shape of things." I said that the leadup was so-so but the ending was strong. I'd like to rescind that slightly. The majority of the movie was okay, not great but not awful. The ending was highly flawed, but creative, and enough of a pay-off that it explained why the rest of the movie was the way it was. In other words it redeems the film without in and of itself being spectaculary. It's fit spectacularly well into the structure of the film. I can't really say more without giving it away, but I think it's a worthwhile film to watch when you're bored and you want to see a film that has a very strong focus on the conclusion without being overly obvious about where it's going (although I sort of guessed it halfway through, and then discarded my guess because the film was subtle enough to trick me into thinking it was making a different point.)

Ugh. What a wasted day. I really suck at everything today. Tomorrow should be better.
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