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I ain't got the skillz to pay the billz

"No Mr. ____man, I expect you to drive! Which you can't do. So we'll hire someone else. Which is a shame, because I could really use someone to help me figure out how to work the interweb."

I went in for a job interview today, only I didn't know it was a job interview. I thought I was just going in to talk to a guy about the film industry in general. I brought a resume, just in case, though. That, in retrospect, was smart. I am now thin enough (though still quite fat) that I can tuck my shirt in and it looks alright. That's pretty cool.

Anyway, the interview. I went down there early, because the early worm gets the worm and I have nothing going on in my life. The building was beautiful, it was old and tall and ornate. The elevator ride up was interesting, because a guy got in, pressed the button for the 11th floor, and then got off when it stopped at eight. Another guy got on at eight, and got off at eleven. I stood there with my eyes wide open, wondering whether this was some sort of clever farce or if there was a psychic hotline office in the building.

The office was small but nice. I prefer a more intimate setting with a nice couch to a big corporate office with wood paneling and cubicles, so that's a non-issue. The interview went pretty well. There were three people there, they were all reasonably nice, and I think I acquited myself well. Except for one thing. I can't drive, and that's a deal-killer because the work is in Jersey. Fucking Jersey. That was a real downer, but they took the resume and I'm going to try and learn how to drive soon. New jobs show up from time to time so hopefully I'll be able to grab the next one. I'll have my learner's permit by the end of Thursday if all goes well. Then I hope to get my license relatively soon after that, and I'll re-apply. It would have been a great job too, helping scout locations for stuff like The Sopranos.

Oh well, I'm keeping my chin up. I have a task for tomorrow, get a passport and learn the little driving book cover to cover.

I'm tired and trying to keep the writing sparse and simple. I should do something with the elevator event, it was really weird, like stepping into some sort of strange ballet.

Got exercise despite a headache, enjoyed me some Max Payne 2, thought of tomorrow.

One last thing. I've been noticing women's bodies a whole lot more lately. It's partially because of the sparseness of summer clothes, but partially just a matter of getting out of my head a little and looking around. Women's bodies are really neat. I am therefore lodging a formal statement that the United States should not require women to wear Burkhas. It's very progressive of me.

P.S. Bill O'Reilly just claimed that a woman, directly after being raped, should behave in a logical and reasonable fashion, and that if she doesn't that's proof that she's unhinged. I can't decide if he's being obnoxiously conservative or unfathomably stupid and non-empathetic.

He also said that "The debate now is more intense than I've ever seen in my 30 years in journalism." Perhaps that's because YOUR FIRST 25 YEARS OF JOURNALISM INVOLVED INFORMING US OF WHAT COLOR UNDERWEAR FEMALE CELEBRITIES WEAR, AND "REAL LIFE ZOMBIES." How much intense debate does one SEE about whether Madonna looked better with the cone bra?
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