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I vouch for this man as a fine upstanding citizen. Now me, ehhh...not so much.

It's good to have friends you can rely on in a bind. Today one of my friends took a 3 hour lunch from work to go to the passport office and vouch for my identity. I don't enjoy asking people for favors, but this was something I really needed and he came through the very next day. It's funny, many of my friends now are people I knew in high school, but we're probably closer now then we were then. Maybe it comes from spending time together on a purely voluntary basis. Maybe it just comes from a lot of time knowing one another. My friend put down 10 years on the "how long have you known this person" line. That shook me a little bit. Ten years, man. How the time flies.

Anyway, although my friend did come down with me to the office, his behavior while we were there left something to be desired. He kept talking about illegal activities that he might want to get involved in for money, including a nice long discussion of smuggling. In front of the passport agent. This was my witness. I'm really glad she was just a bureaucrat who didn't care, otherwise I'm pretty sure the two of us would have found ourselves in a back room having a nice chat with a homeland security person. For awhile I was trying to remember if I'd put on clean underwear.

I should be getting my passport within a couple of weeks and then hopefully my learner's permit a day or so after. My friend got a free lunch. The post office/office of homeland security got $160. Everyone's a winner, I guess. I regret I didn't get to use the excuses and elaborate stories I'd come up with. It always sucks when a good story goes to waste.

I think I may have left my birth certificate at the passport office. Not so good. I'll go back there tomorrow. It's not a huge deal, I have a backup.

I finally overdid it on the walking today. I went out late, and on my way back it felt like my legs were made of lead. It was painful, uncomfortable, and liberating. See I like the fact that right now I can test the limits of my walking from 8:20-10:10 PM and not worry about anything else. I want to work, don't get me wrong, but doing nothing has given me the time and opportunity to actually appreciate life as it's happening, to focus on the physical for a time, and to get my head clear. I feel good, despite the frustration. A homeless guy told me I was looking good tonight. I'm not sure if that's because he's been seeing me in the park a lot and noticing the weight-loss, or just out of general good cheer, but I was able to accept it as a nice gesture and smile back at him. In the past I would have responded cynically and either assumed that he was looking for a handout or being sarcastic.

If nothing else I have achieved at least a measure of peace this summer. It hasn't been perfect or anything, but it's been nice and I've been relatively calm. It may not seem so from my journal, but if you look at past months you can definitely see a difference.

I'm sure my mom's imminent return will cause all kinds of drama and issues, but for now, things are decent. There's stuff I'd change if I could, and plenty of stuff I'm working on, but I'm in a reasonably good place, and that counts.
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