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Sublimely ridiculous

How is it that people who argue against taxes as an unconscionable violation of personal rights can also argue for a mandatory year of national service or even a military draft during peacetime? Apparently it is worse, in their view, to take money away from rich old men than to force a young person to give up their life in a conflict started for the benefit of those same rich old men. Or our values so perverted that when asked the question "Your money or your life?" we now elect to give up our lives? It's this kind of inconsistancy that lays bare the true agenda of the right wing. It isn't all that interested in less government or reducing economic interference, it's about spreading its own values and undermining those aspects of government it does not agree with. The ideology is just a smokescreen for the true agenda, which is to impose their value system on the population of this country via the government, the same thing they accuse the liberals of. How else do you explain trying to get a gay marriage ban written into the constitution (of all the RIDICULOUS things one could write into the constitution that's up there with making peanut butter the official sandwich) while they also advocate spending millions to boost heterosexual marriage? How else do you explain their whines about Hillary Clinton being a carpet bagger when four years later they turn around and do even worse with Alan Keyes?

You don't.
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