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I want to thank god for having remarkably poor judgement

Someone sent me an IM. I assume it was from an LJ person because most non-buddies who IM me do so from LJ. It got deleted before I saw the name because I was typing at the time and those little windows are set to automatically cancel if you type a letter while they are selected. I am a touch typist so I can't stop in time when one flashes up. If you are that person and you had something you wanted to say or talk about please IM me again or reach me through another means.

So a rapist won the lottery in Britain. They're trying to take the money away, which is really unfair. If he didn't have a chance to actually win they shouldn't have sold him the ticket. Yes moving it to a victim compensation fund would be nice, but he should get at least some of the money. Retroactive confiscation of all of someone's wealth when he has already paid for his crime is unfair, even if the person is a scumbag.

What I'm really interested in is what the press conference was like after the win. This year already brought us Jennifer Lopez's mom winning the lottery "Mrs. Lopez has had to scrimp by on the mansions and diamonds that her multi-millionaire daughter has been able to give her. Now, we're proud to say, she can live a life of luxury on her OWN funds. This truly is a monumental day, and we are proud to be making the rich that much richer." Jennifer Lopez will eventually inherit that money. Yay.

The rapist's conference has to be even more surreal though. "Here is a man who hasn't worked his whole life scrimping and saving to keep his family fed, unlike most of our winners. He...rapes people. Come get your money asshole. I hate myself for giving you this oversized novelty check"

"Thank you, thank you. I know that some of you are a little upset that I won this money. It could be argued that there are more deserving people out there, considering the whole...rape...thing. I want you to know that I will use this money to better my life though. I'll hire a shitload of whores so that hopefully when I want some place warm and wet to get off I won't have to go looking for 60 year old women in the street. And if I commit rape again you can be sure that I'll hire the best defense team out there. So in conclusion, even though I don't deserve this money I'm really glad I got it and I'll put it to good use. For my benefit. I don't know, maybe I'll contribute a few pounds to some charity. Probably not, though. I could really use some high grade blow. Oh, one more thing. Ladies, guess who's rich and single? Eh? Eh?"
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