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Argh matey, here be a list

I got my passport today! That means that I will go down to the motor vehicles bureau either today or on monday and get my learner's permit. Why wait until Monday? Because Bill has the car upstate until then so there's nothing I could do with the permit over the weekend. Damn Bill.

I have all kinds of things I want to write. A backlog of 4-5 entries. Frustrating but exciting. Oh boy!

There's this song I absolutely love, called "I love you just the way you aren't." It's by the Ziggens and it's just great, a sort of parody of happy love songs with lines like "You are quiet, I like girls who shoot their mouths off, and you're skinny, get fat!" Unfortunately the only copy of this song I have is on a videogame called Amped, which is a snowboarding game for the Xbox. Even more unfortunately Amped doesn't let you pick which song you want to listen to at a given time. You can skip to another random song whenever you want, but that's the extent of your selective abilities. (You can lower the number of available songs by editing which soundtracks it picks from, but that still leaves you with like 30 songs to flip through to find the one you want.) All in all it takes me about 3-5 minutes to listen to this song when I get the urge, which is fairly often. I can't find a CD recording of it anywhere. It's worth it, but it's annoying. Any of you have songs you love that you can only get your hands on in inconvenient ways?

Addendum: Amazon now has the Ziggens album in stock! Oh boy oh boy, it's gonna be mine, yes sir!

The Ziggens are great by the way. They also have "I took my mom to the prom" "The Waitress Song" and of course, "Burpin' USA."
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