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"I'm not a violent man, Murphy. No wait. That's not true."

I've been idly considering posting random quotes from the movies in my head in this journal both as a memory technique and a fun thing to do. This could happen a few times a day or never. Because I promised myself at the beginning of this journal that I would leave it totally open I'll do it behind a filter. These will be cheesy and amateurish, both qualities you've come to expect from me, and not very good. I suggest you pass, but if you want in you've got it. Because fakingsincerity complained that in my whiny bitter and self-indulgent, come and get it entry I was trolling for comments, so I've put up a poll this time. We know that my polls attract about as much interest as Sally Struthers in a brothel. Feel free to ignore this entry entirely or to take pot shots at me, I promise I won't respond to those. Whatever you do do not say anything nice or encouraging that might upset fakingsincerity's delicate sensibilities. He demands that he be the only attention whore in our twisted relationship. Hopefully mentioning his name twice will satisfy him that he's still #1 in that department on those beautiful nights when he gets to stay up late drinking tea and eating crumpets with Keegan's girlfriend.

EDIT: Please note that these are not real movies, they exist PURELY in my head and as such are made up by me, although some quotes may be derivative of other things I've seen because every writer does this and it's hard to remember what's original and what's stolen until someone calls you a plagueristic jerk and slaps you with a lawsuit.

Poll #336770 My horrible fake movie quotes poll

Do you want to be included in a Ben's Bad Made Up Movie Quotes filter?

Yes, I need more ammunition with which to destroy you
No, because it would spam my friends page with crap
No, because you're boring and pretentious
No, I don't read your crap anyway and I'd want to read this even less
No, and I don't need a reason

Imagine you did want to read it, would you want them in context or not?

Yes, I want to fully understand the scenario
Maybe a little bit of background when necessary
No, I'm looking for a few cheesy one-liners
No, less is more when it comes to you.
Please stop complaining and kill yourself already

Any more comments? You have 255 characters to make a fat man cry

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