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What do you do for Money Honey? How do you get your kicks?

It strikes me as interesting how much I think I've learned about Dr. X through some sort of version of Reverse Osmosis. How someone comments on something leaves so many of that person's fingerprints behind. There are some things that I am thinking but won't write here because the mysterious Dr. X wants his identity protected but it's interesting nonetheless.

Is there such a thing as platonic true love? I mean if you are truly in love with someone wouldn't you WANT to touch them and all that jazz? Isn't that part of the psychology and biology of being human? I don't think that, beyond possibly parent-child love, there is any sort of true love that is also pure love. I just don't think humans can be THAT intellectualized and, well, decent.

Dr. X suggests that Cristina might have been flirting with me but I am pretty sure it's not true. She is just trying to mother me, which god knows I could have used a few years ago but not anymore. I do think that her marriage is probably not the best out there though, but I'm just trying to teach her basic scientific concepts not sort out her life.

Besides a strong argument could be made that it's better to be in a fucked up marriage then to be too afraid to marry at all despite having the desire deep inside.

Dr. X said he refuses to say Bollocks. This makes me sad. He said it in a very british way but still. One of the great things the modern Brits have brought the world is colorful cursing.

The way that the Taliban in Afghanistan behaves is simply unconscionable. I don't understand how people can DO things like that. How does a human being's mind get so warped and twisted that it thinks that religious restrictions and a death penalty for PROSLTYZING of all things are appropriate? I just don't get it man. It makes NO sense to me.

The Jets and the Giants BOTH lost in their pre-season games this weekend. They lost badly too. I know it wasn't the first teams or anything and pre-season is just an extention of training camp, but it still sucked. Oh well, at least it doesn't count.


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A trademark used for a powder to be mixed with water or a ready-to-use plastic paste designed to fill cracks and holes in plaster before painting or papering. This trademark often occurs in lowercase and as a verb in print.

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