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Edna, not Gladys

I am now officially sick of Dashboard Confessional. I'm not sure if it's due to thelxepeiakat's constant and unrelenting assault on my musical tastes, or just because my ears woke up and realized that they're jangly and inane. Maybe a combination of the two. It's like when you're in the zone in a videogame or riding a bike or something and someone says to you "Wow dude, you're doing great" and then you realize that you're playing above your potential and like the Coyote in those Roadrunner cartoons you look down, see nothing below you, and plummet. DC was playing well above its ability and its come crashing down. I'm listening to Pearl Jam now.

I went to get my social security card today and it should arrive in a couple of weeks, when I will return to Gladys land and probably be decapitated by her highlighter of death. The SS office was...a social security office. I have things to write about it but not the time right now. I will say that I had a very helpful agent, but that's only because she doesn't usually work with customers and was helping out on a day when they were short staffed. She didn't know how to do everything and needed help but she was polite and patient, which counts for quite a bit, unless I don't get my card due to her incompetence in which case it will count for nothing.

The same kid who visited me earlier in the year (none of you will remember this, but he's a kid I've known for a very long time and is probably the closest thing I have to a little brother, although he's really more like a cousin relationship even though we're not related) is coming back today and I'm expected to help him decide on whether to attend Columbia or not. I'm sure that my joblessness will be a huge inducement for him to sign on with the Lions. He always sort of idolized me growing up and it sucks not to have lived up to expectations. Oh well. Nothing to be done about it.

He's a football player and I may be slightly jealous about that.
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