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Hey, what if we got Richie Rich to promote this? He's real folksy.

Has anyone else noticed the growing trend of using incredibly wealthy celebrities to promote products on television? I'm not talking about incredibly wealthy celebrities who are in some way related to the product (Like Whoopi Goldberg pitching a weight loss product or beautiful models pitching skin cream, or athletes pitching athletic shoes) but celebrities who are famous for nothing more than being wealthy and are totally unrelated to the product. I'm talking about Donald Trump acting as a pitchman for Visa, or George Steinbrenner putting his hat in the commercial realm. This bothers me, for two reasons. First of all the lives and needs of Donald Trump and George Steinbrenner are very different from my own and those of the vast majority of Americans. A banking system that works for Trump might not work for others, since he can afford to pay higher fees for better service and gets special treatment anyway. Secondly, these guys are taking work away from poor actors who desperately need commercial work. One national spot can subsidize two years of dinner theater and workshopping. It just galls me to think that these companies are trying to get average people to buy their products by paying obscene sums to already wealthy people and reducing the job market for the people who really do need it. Just one more little twinge for me.

I'm going to meet with the proprietor of the writing group now. I'm sure it will be an awkward disaster. That's okay though, one must go through a large number of awkward disasters in my life. At least I'll get today's out of the way before dinner.
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