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Meme stolen from rpeate like it was a Florida black man's vote and I was ol' Jeb.

Type two of your flaws. Real flaws, not back-handed self-congratulation like "I'm too nice."

1) I'm too sexy for this meme, too sexy for this meme, no way I'm disco dancing.

Okay, that might not count.

1) I lack initiative much of the time. I don't like to get the ball rolling and I have going out there and working for a result if no result is guaranteed. This has hampered everything from my job search to my weight loss to my academic career (I didn't look hard enough for classes, didn't try to get into grad classes, and didn't look hard enough for internships while I was at school) to my weight loss and is probably one of the nails in my coffin when it comes to women. I should change it, but I'd have to get up and make a plan and it'd be a whole thing.

2) It is possible that I'm sometimes a mite too critical and anal about certain things. Criticism is important but it can be taken too far and I sometimes critique things that aren't worth the hassle, as well as pouncing on people for small mistakes in word choice or factually incorrect statements. I have trouble just letting things go and not worrying about them, even if I know they're not important in the grand or even small scheme.
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