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Sucking: Sometimes it's not a choice

I know my writing sucks right now. I know that it's not implementing the changes I've talked about and it's fucking pedestrian. When I say that I want to be a writer be aware that this is not how I want to write. The thing is that these ideas build up in me and they want out. It's not possible, for me, at this point, to write three or four entries a day in a creative, engaging, coherent style. I'm caught between the diarrhea of ideas in my mind and my desire to produce good, and only good, pieces of writing. I am ashamed of some of the stuff I've put up recently, absolutely ashamed of it, but I'm not sure what to do. Hiding it behind a friends or private filter seems antithetical to the project of the journal, LJ-cutting it would make it unreadable for a couple technophobes who enjoy my thoughts, and putting them up wastes people's time and makes me look a lot less competent than I believe I am. Right now I'm not going to change anything, but I ought to set aside time to try and work on one or two pieces a week of good quality and tight editing. Perhaps that will be my new-week resolution, along with stepping up the job hunt.

Continuing my theme of "meta" stuff, as a sort of meta-meme I'd be willing to do any meme that anyone wants me to take. You can either comment on this entry or, if you want to keep it private, put it in the private poll at the end of said entry. You are free to pass on the meta-meme or not at your leisure, but one thing's for sure, it's META!

Poll #339065 The Metameme Poll

What Meme do you want me to do? Where can I find it?

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