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Riders by the river

Yesterday I was feeling really down in the dumps and physically ill. So I went bike riding. It was the only logical thing to do.

Actually the reasons for my ride were a little less meaningful than that. My friend who was hanging around at my house reading Manga and "Chilling" wanted to ride, and whenever I'm hanging out with someone doing seperate things and then that person suggests an activity that can be done together I usually go for it. I don't particularly like seperate "chilling" because it offers none of the companionship of actually doing stuff together while providing all of the lack of privacy and expressly requiring me to wear pants. After a few false starts we got the tires of my bike pumped up (we, both college educated young men who went to high schools for the gifted, albeit seperate ones, couldn't figure out that my tire valves had screw-tops in addition to the little black plastic ones) and off we went. I was a little worried about damaging the bike because I'm heavier than I'd like to be for bike riding right now, and even more worried about keeping up with a guy who was on a road bike (Mine's mountain) and is literally less than half my weight. We went down by the Hudson, where there's a very long bike path, and rode downtown for about 5-6 miles. It was a very pleasant ride. I was wearing my "Even if you looked like Brad Pitt you would be extremely lucky to have sex before 35 years of age wearnig that contraption" bike helmet and trying to convince him that "Chicks dig safety." He was riding at a nice comfortable pace and I was keeping up by doing my best impression of Jan Ulrich. Sit low in the saddle, click on to a monster gear, and use leg strength to propel you instead of cadence. This works well on the flats, and it's only on the hills that an out of shape bike rider really gets screwed, since his legs are significantly heavier and in a higher gear it's much harder to keep up the pace of peddling. Downtown we took a break to sit by the water and catch up. He's one of those young New Yorker with what is known as a "Social Life" and he goes to the kinds of parties that get broken up by the police. He's a cool young dude on the make. Fortunately I've known him since he was an awkward high school kid playing Magic: The Gathering and carrying around a fair amount of baby fat, and that's the kind of relationship that never fades unless there's some kind of major falling out.

The ride back was not as pleasant. I'd been adjusting my seat along the way, trying to get maximum leverage and relieve pressure on my knees from riding with a low seat. Well on the way back we couldn't get the seat to stay up and we had to stop 5 or 6 times to adjust it. Towards the end we managed to get it into a position where it seemed like it was staying, but the interuptions definitely put a damper on the ride back, especially since when it did slip down I was extremely uncomfortable for reasonably long stretches. Still we had a good time and both of us had our moods revitalized by the ride. Those endorphins can do magical things. It may not have been the best idea, both for my health (If you're ill you don't want to be exercizing, and you especially don't want to be pushing to keep up with a guy half your size) and the good of my bike (I told myself I'd hope on about 15 pounds from now) but sometimes you have to just say "fuck it" and go ride. We'll probably go again on friday or saturday, If I can keep up with him a little better (which should be possible if the seat stays in place) it could turn into a regular thing. It would be great, not just for the exercise but I would enjoy revitalizing this friendship. We've known each other forever and we see each other a couple times a year on average, but we live like 10 blocks apart and there's no reason it shouldn't be more.

After the bike ride we went back to my house for giant burritos and Excel Saga. It was nice, except for the mexican food wanting to get back out.
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