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Isn't it Ironic. Don't you think?

My mother lost our cat.

She lectured me ENDLESSLY about taking good care of it and said over and over how she thought I'd fail and kill it and how she should give it to someone else while she was gone etc...

I took great care of it. I went BEYOND the call of duty and put ice in its water dish on hot days and played with it several times a day.

Now she comes back and in a couple days takes it up to the country house and lets it run off through the screen door to god knows where. It might come back or it might not, i dunno, but she isn't waiting for it. This isn't the first time she's let it out either, she's let it out into the apartment building a couple times and made me go look for it. The thing is that if I did ANYTHING like this she'd be shrieking at me and telling me how irresponsible I was and what a bad good for nothing I am etc. Now she calls me and tells me what SHE did and I am calm and collected and she yells at me for not being upset enough.


Talk about your can't win situation.

The thing is that I did manage to bond this this cat and I'll miss it. I took care of it and was responsible for it and SHE lost it and now I'M going to somehow take the blame for not being concerned enough or for bringing it up too much or whatever. It's ludicrous when you think about it.

Heh I was going to post in response to the latest missive from Dr. X but I don't have the energy anymore. I am amused only because I know how much pain HER mistake is going to cause ME and how fucking hypocritical she is (my mother of course.)

Some lives it just doesn't pay to be born, eh?
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