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And I'm off

Well I'm headed out now. Up and away junior bird man. I am going with a maroon shirt and silver tie with black slacks. Something that says casual but not unprofessional. The stuff's not ironed, and it should be, but what can I do about that now? I'm nervous and excited and all that stuff.

I am having fantasies of doing an incredible job and being promoted to a creative position within a month, and day-nightmares about getting there and being given all kind of work I don't know how to do and being told to leave within a day, or breaking a fragile chair or something. I'm sure it will go somewhere in between those two polls, but we'll see. At the very least it will be grist for the creative mill.

My goal in this job is to make myself indespensible. To do so much so efficiently that the guy can't work without me there, or at least recommends me to a colleague when the short term he mentioned is up. I believe I can do that, or something close to it. I'm excited and confident. I intend to be patient and to offer to do extra work for free so as to gain more experience. I'm throwing myself into this. It's an opportunity, maybe not the one that will lead to what I want (I'll have to see about that) but an important one nonetheless. It's in need of some serious seizing.
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