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Catty Cat Cat done gone

So my mother came back sans cat. The cat is really gone, at least for a week and probably forever.

That makes me sad. We bonded over the time that mom was away and I really liked her. Now the cat is gone and there is no warmblooded creature in the house.

I don't have anyone to talk about this with either. My mother calls me cruel if I bring it up at ALL. She also cried towards me and started sobbing about how much she missed our dogs, which she gave away because she couldn't take care of them (Long story but suffice it to say that in another grand reversal of parent/child roles she wanted the dogs and got them and I had to take care of them. How's that for a mindfuck?) I just don't know what to do about my mother man, it's untenable.

Ugh. I knew this would happen. A lot of my passion and desire to think and write has been sort of sapped. I dunno, I wanted to write a meaningful entry about my cat but I can't right now. I'm too afraid of being interupted by the needy old biddy who'se house I occupy. Maybe later. Maybe after I've cried for the loss of the cat (I probably will once it sinks in that she's gone. I mean right now there is still the chance of her being found by a neighbor or something).

I know I've been boring y'all lately and I know that when I look back over this section of my journal I will punish myself for my fractured thoughts and lack of insight, but right now I'm just a dude whose cat is gone and who has to now give emotional support to the person who lost it. So cut me some slack.

That goes for me as well as you (as in I should cut myself some slack.

But I won't.)
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