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I'm about to go on a constitutional. I've decided to call my walks by their official name because if there's one thing chicks love more than a guy who wears a safety helmet while bicycling it's one who speaks with an affected British accent.

Or maybe one who has money and good looks. I always get that part confused.

Anyway, today was my last day of rest before my return to work without the excuse of being sick. I'm excited to get cracking and actually do a bang-up job for the first time. If I get enough sleep tonight, which may or may not be possible depending on how long I can sleep in post-constitutional.

I spent most of today watching movies and writing part of a really bad script that I posted behind my filter for bad scripts. I had to get it out of my system since it was inspired by the dastardly rpeate who is quite the dastard. Tomorrow I think I will be ready to write a script that I might actually shoot, which is both exciting and scary at the same time.

As for the movies:

The Warriors was beyond cheesy. I know it's a cult classic and all but the dialogue is SO bad and the acting matches it so perfectly that I couldn't help but laugh. During the fight scene where the baseball bat gang member was attacking the warrior with the same overhead strike again and again and having it parried repeatedly I believe I guffawed. The fight scenes other than that one were decent and it's always nice to see James Remar young and in lipstick, but the movie failed to grip me. The signature cry of "Warriors come out and play" was not the powerful and threatening taunt I expected, instead it sounded like the dementia driving ravings of a bed-ridden old man, and was actually said by a 30 year old clicking short necked beer bottles together on his fingers. I kid you not. I guess it's worth seeing for free, but it's not the cheesy late 70's violence fest I expected, nor does it have any signs of being an ACTUAL good movie.

48 hours, on the other hand, is wonderful. It's prime Nick Nolte playing a cop who beats the crap out of his criminal partner and basically acts like a substance abusing jackass AND Eddie Murphy approaching his prime with his hustling charmer shtick. It also features James Remar AND the bottle-clicking guy, making for a fun coincidence in film-watching. 48 hours is an example of a film that holds up well despite being mired in the 80's and features dialogue that still crackles. "I didn't know you darkies drove little foreign numbers" Nolte says. "Yeah well I wanted a sky blue Cadillac but the last one was taken by some honky cop" Murphy replies, referencing Nolte's car. It's un-PC and witty. I love it.

Both films were directed by the same man and his development over the span of 3 years and probably $20 million in budget is evident. I really like 48 hours, if you haven't seen it you should. It's so 80's, but in a very good way.

Oh and I watched some Monk too, which is always good. Tony Shalhoub is a hoot and a half.
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