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I had another dream, and unlike MLK's this one had guns in it

If there's anything worse than a bad dream it'd have to be a bad dream that lasts way too long. I had one of those tonight, one that just dragged on forever.

I was in my country house, although not everything made sense about being there. For example I spent the entire dream in my old room, which doesn't exist anymore since they knocked down the walls and made a giant uberroom out of it. But in the dream the old room was back like it'd been before any of the changes started. In the dream I was awakened by a hubub going on outside the house. I looked down out of my window and saw two rough looking teenagers carrying shotguns and hasseling a couple small-fries. I watched and while it didn't seem to be anything more than bullying I began to feel dread, so I went and got my gun (apparently in this dream I owned several firearms. This one was a silver automatic pistol.) and went back to watching. The two thugs hassled the kid for a bit and then as it looked like things were starting to wind down attacked them savagely. They slammed them in the stomach with the butts, broke their noses by hitting them repeatedly, and generally just beat the snot out of them. The kids eventually ran away, bleeding, and the hooligans did not pursue. I was starting to get really worried at this point because I realized that I hadn't locked the door to my house, this being the country and all, and my light was on so they knew I was home. I was hoping they wouldn't bother coming in the house to hassle the owner but I had a gut feeling they would. I looked around for my gun but I couldn't find it and I was starting to freak out even more. Finally I found the barrel to my rifle, which was disassembled, and as I started to look for the rest of it I looked out the window and saw that the thugs weren't outside. Then I heard them banging around downstairs and I knew they were in the house. I had had the impulse to go down and lock the door earlier, but I had been afraid of getting near it without a weapon and now it was too late, plus if my guns weren't in my room I didn't know how I would be able to get at them. The thugs were getting closer banging their way upstairs and towards me, and I couldn't find anything to defend myself with or any ammunition even if I were to get a gun, and then I wrenched myself awake and the dream ended.

I think this dream was mostly a combination of elements going on in my life right now rather than anything deep and symbolic. I am alone in my apartment while my mother is in Maine (which might explain the country element, since I've been thinking about what I've been missing by staying in the city, which was unavoidable with the job) and I left the light on in the other room when I slept, which was a sucky move but explains why the light was on in my dream. As for the guns? I don't know. Let's tip our cap to the Freudians and chalk that up to lack of success with women, which has been on my mind recently. Why not?

It was a pretty unpleasant dream though. Not precisely a nightmare, but definitely suffused with dread. That's not hard to explain ever since I've been miserable with illness for the last week or so, and I definitely am today, but unpleasant nonetheless.
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