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Working it

Yesterday at work was tough, because I am still not feeling well. Yesterday I thought I was just tired but it got worse later and today I woke up with a headache and a runny nose. Maybe it's allergies, it could be something in the fall air. Yesterday was mostly devoted to data entry, and I won't bore you with the details, but my boss did take me out for a two hour lunch. It was nice, we talked about a lot of stuff and he's an interesting guy, despite being from California. One slight issue might be that I came out in favor of legalization of drugs as inevitable, so he probably thinks that I'm a total pothead, but I did inform him that I don't DO drugs. I might have tried a bit too hard to impress with my tendency to reference things I don't necessarily know a lot about (I said that Coca-Cola didn't exactly used to have enough coke in it to fuel a Hollywood party, for example) but I think I comported myself well. I also managed not to eat everything the waiter put in front of me, which is good for me, although that's not to say that I've been eating well recently because I most certainly have not. Being sick and tired always screws with my diet, not just because of a loss of self-control and inhibitions but also because food gives you energy and clarity when you're sick. It becomes like a drug that you need to keep your eyelids open and your brain sharp. It also probably helps you recover by making your immune system more robust. I haven't been going nuts but I have been eating too much, especially Progresso Chicken Noodle soup, which I've been downing by the quart. Fuck Campbells, how can anyone eat that oversalted crap when Progresso has noodles so soft, chicken so firm and juicy and carrots and celery for flavor?

I've decided to stop chronicling every mistake I make at work because it's not constructive. Like yesterday I forgot to get someone's name before transfering the call to my boss. I think I'm doing an okay job, I'm just internalizing more formal office behaviors than the ones I was used to in my old job where we would just hold our hands over the reciever and shout (I didn't do anything that gauche.) Someone has to cut me a break some time and that someone should probably me, because there aren't a lot of other options.

Today I feel like crap and I'm going into work anyway because there are deliveries to be made and a list to finish. It'll be a long day but I'll deal with it. Just part of being in the proletariate. A working stiff. A blue collar man.

Oh shit, I better neaten up, the maid's coming today and the toilet's clogged in the second bathroom of my New York apartment.
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