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Body and mind are bizzare all the time. Randomness

It's been a weird weekend in terms of how I've felt. I still don't have my "legs" completely under me, and midday yesterday I felt terrible, thought I might be getting sick again, which would have been a disaster. I went out for a constitutional anyway, and while it was tough going just to stay upright at the beginning I felt significantly stronger by the time I got home and got some something to eat. I hope that I'm not starting to get diabetic or anything, maybe it's just a re-adjustment to the diet and my metabolism recovering. I have dropped like 4 pounds (almost all of the previous gain) in the past couple of days, and that kind of shift can knock anyone out. I really need to recover, especially the mental acuity side of things. I want to get back to writing and being quick and slick. I want to be ready for class tomorrow, which is intimidating in and of itself without the specter of reduced ability hanging over my head.

In other news I've bought a bunch of music and reading recently. Started on a Terry Pratchett/Neil Gaiman novel called Good Omens and have been somewhat disappointed, though it's picking up. The funniest part so far was a typo, which turned a bowl of crisps (English word for potato chips) into a bowl of crips at a children's birthday party. I just imagined a large black gang member walking over to a 10 year old British girl and asking "Where's my money BITCH. If you're not earning then you WILL be learning. " and was enormously amused.

I helped my elderly neighbor with the VCR today. It took an hour. He told me some stories about what he did during world war II, back when he was a young man and actually living his life instead of wasting it like I have my youth. Those stories are already interesting. He's in his 80's and still chugging along. The body is frail and the mind not as quick or responsive as it once was but that's the way to age. When you get into your 80's you're not going to be in your prime. If you can be in DECENT shape I think that's enough. I'll go back to help him with the DVD next Sunday.

It's football season again and I've been watching. The Jets won against the Bengals. Their offense looked sharp but their defense was pretty atrocious except for two HUGE plays, a fumble returned for a touchdown that as the difference in score at the end of the game, and an interception that sealed the contest. They're looking decent, if the defense shapes up they could make a run at the playoffs, otherwise it's 8-8 with a bullet. Pennington and Martin can put points on the board, if Cowart and Co. can keep them off.

Meanwhile the Giants...this could get ugly. Kurt Warner hasn't been terrible. The offense in general has been okay. The defense is softer than a lactating woman's breast, and is giving up more scores than a French whore on two-for-one day. This could get ugly. At least the punter's looked good, despite an injury scare. They will probably do a lot of punting.

I think I'll go biking later today. I wish my mind was working so I could write. That would be extremely nice but I have to just let it happen at this point. Feeling blechy is just a huge pain in the ass.
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