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Spam and editing

This will be a very brief update. Yesterday at work I saw the best of times and the worst of times. I started out sending out mass emails, which is boring and made me feel guilty, and which had a major error in them which I'll have to correct tomorrow. That was a real pain in the ass. On the other hand due to a mix up with the web designer I also got to do some simple film editing and it was glorious. I spent about two hours with I-Movie and it was a pleasure I shall not soon forget. Two hours of engagement and fun and excitement and learning. My boss was unhappy for those two hours, but it wasn't my fault and, just, wow.

I don't think I can get my act together to apply for grad school this year (A 15 page script? A GOOD one?), but next is a definite must.

I also need my own set up so I can diddle around to my heart's content.

Maybe this isn't what I was meant to do, but you could have fooled me this afternoon.
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