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It's been awhile since I've written about my life, and since I know that you are all on the edges of your seats wondering what's been happening to me I feel compelled to give you a breakdown of some of the things that have been happening to me. This isn't going to in essay form since it would be too long and frankly inspire far too much jealousy amongst the rest of you slackers, instead I will give you a list of some of the incidents and allow you to get a privileged peek into the wonderment that is my life.

This post-introduction brought to you by Enourmego. Saddled with realistic self-assessment? Want to feel like a superman without actually being one? Enourmego. Insufferability guaranteed.

So on Thursday my boss had his private screening and I attended as either a guest or an assistant host. I acted in a hosting capacity because it seemed like the safest thing to do. I opened doors for the elderly, provided napkins to a woman who cut her finger, and was mistaken for the filmmaker approximately 37 times. I was also dispatched by my boss to get wine for the party, and picked up a 2001 Ecco Domani, which is apparently a nice Pinot Grigio from Italy, and it seemed to please him. The screening itself was nice. I chatted with a woman who works in the same building for a few minutes and was surprisingly light on my feet and funny. This was one of those social experiences that are important for my development as an Outgoing Person who does not slink into a corner and sulk in silence. The trick is responsibility and challenge. When it's a choice between being antisocial and doing a good job I will do a good job, since I care more about feeling competent than feeling comfortable.

On Friday work was good. We finally managed to put the stuff in storage, which was entertaining and physical (fun fact, editing snippets of film are HEAVY when put into cardboard boxes.) We also ran into a friend of his from high school who is a fairly prominent actor and was dressed like a slightly upscale homeless man, which I found totally awesome. My boss confirmed my theory that New York is more egalitarian than LA because of all the walking. We got to talking about movie ideas and were having an interesting conversation about a potential tax thriller but he ran into a high muckey-muck and had to talk to him so I carried the film print home from the market.

Saturday was a play day. I went out to Brooklyn (Or as I like to call it, Mongolia) to drink and make curry with my friend Gabe. I ate a lot more than I would have liked, and drank significantly but this time much more slowly than before so I got less buzzed. I had a couple shots of rum (much better than scotch or bourbon) and two beers. The curry was fun to make and we had a nice conversation until he got wasted. He outdrank me at least 4 to 1 and he probably weighs 70% of what I do. The highlight of the day came when he invited his neighbor to have dinner with us and she locked herself out. Her boyfriend was in some crazy place like Boise Idaho and there was no spare set of keys. The super in the building is an asshole and requires hundreds of dollars Being men, and slightly buzzed, Gabe and I cheerfully told her that we'd get her door open. Then she told us that she did not want her door kicked open. We were slightly stumped. We went out to look at the door and her cat started sticking its paw out from underneath pathetically swiping at freedom. The women (her and Gabe's girlfriend) started to get agitated. She came out with a wire hanger which she said was to pick the lock. I scoffed at her and pointed out that locking picking is not easy, and is in fact pretty near impossible without something to use as a torsion wrench. Then I decided to spring into action. I claimed to know how to pick a lock with a credit card, though I've never done it, and tried with my college ID, which didn't work because it was too thin. I asked for a mastercard or something and the woman happened to have an expired one in her purse. It took me awhile but I managed to force the lock and open the door. Everyone was very impressed, if a little creeped out. I happily declared myself a true native New Yorker and pointed out that she ought to get a deadbolt because if I could open the door with a credit card then others could do the same. The rest of the night was decent, especially since the neighbor lady turned out to not like me much but felt compelled to be nice because of what I'd done for her. I do so enjoy being the one who's owed respect in a situation like that.

Sunday nothing happened. I watched football and was glad the Giants won. The Colts/Pack game was insane but I still got bored.

Monday my boss forgot to email me the schedule so I didn't get anything done. Quite discouraging.

Tuesday was better. I met my boss at an editing session for work and learned something about that process. Valuable experience. My boss and I were cracking up the sound guy so much during the session just telling jokes that he suggested we lay down a director's commentary for the film. This was a bit awkward since not only did I not direct the film but I wasn't involved in its production at all. the sound guy recognized his mistake and said "Not for this film, for a different one." It was still a nice compliment.

Unfortunately I also got bad news yesterday. I was informed that the job is indeed coming to an end, although my boss did say he'd help me find a "real" job in the business, which is nice. It's not immediate, but over the next couple of weeks I will achieve unemployment once more.


I didn't work today because he was busy all day but I'll be going in tomorrow. I don't know, I could look at it as another opportunity to write and get my own stuff going, but the income was nice and I ENJOYED going to work every day and being able to call myself employed and all the other great stuff that goes along with working. I'm disappointed but trying not to get too upset about it. Now I have some experience and a contact and a recommendation in the business. I've made progress. I hope it won't be another 3 months.

After being put on notice during the day yesterday I went to my writing group in not-great spirits. It didn't help that I decided to walk through the remnants of hurricane Jeane, without an umbrella. It was a shorter walk than I thought and I had to slow down so I wouldn't arrive an hour early. I grabbed a burger (I hadn't had lunch) but that didn't take long enough so I had to go into the domain of ultimate evil known only as STARBUCKS: DARK OVERLORD OF THE BEAN. It was raining hard. I was weak. Forgive me. At least it's not Walmart. I got a COFFEE (not a fancy-ass Metrosexual Frappacino) and failed to find a seat. That sucked. Eventually I went back into the rain, bought a $3 umbrella (unheard of during a rainstorm in New York) and went to the Writing group with so much caffeine in my system that my twitches had twitches.

The group was good. There were a lot of new people but we'd established a collegial atmosphere, much of which revolved around me and making comments about how the caffeine would probably help me come out of my shell (This is sarcasm. Let's just say that if I had been an Oyster the first session I would have been well-shucked.) There was an older woman (I'd say 65) who is a film-maker and writes for a film magazine who joined and who I had some WRITERLY chemistry with. (I fully expect that comment to garner taunts of being a graverobber, but what're you gonna do?) Perhaps I could find employment with her if I were brave enough to admit to the group that I want to make movies. For now I've just been saying that I don't know what I want to do, which is accurate but not a complete picture of the rich tapestry of my ambitions. John, who may eventually become a friend of mine despite being a somewhat cool guy from Wisconsin, read first and the comments were good for the most part. I didn't love his piece but it grew on me a bit as we discussed it. Strangely I was drowned out at first, but I got my comments in and as usual they were insightful and I think quite helpful. After he sat down I suggested that we read our exercises and of course everyone suggested I go first, which was not going to happen. A few other people went and they were great. I was outmatched. I read mine, and though people clapped at the end I couldn't tell if it was out of politeness or if they really liked it. Nevertheless I will strive to do better next time and do feel spurred to write.

After the group we spent a couple hours hanging out in Laura's apartment doing a polite adult low-key party thing. It was nice. I schmoozed, others boozed, we listened to Ella Fitzgerald ate Brie and talked about writing. Afterwards a few of the guys, all older than me some by a couple decades, and I headed out for hot dogs and a few more minutes of conversation. We might hook up sometime during the week to hang out since none of us have massive supportive social groups.

A step towards adulthood? We shall see.
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