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The will is triumphant and chicks fucking LOVE triumph. And dictators. Chicks dig dictators.

I saw Triumph of the Will for the first time on Monday, and it wasn't nearly as traumatic as Night and Fog. In fact there was surprisingly little direct anti-semitism in the film, much of it coming through references to blood purity and positive statements about the German race rather than condemnation of the Jews. Everyone should see this film, it's beautiful and cynical and teaches you a lot about the compelling nature of evil, but I only have a few comments on it at the moment.

A) The parallels between Hitler and Bush are pretty apparent in this film. It starts with Hitler flying into Nuremberg to announce the triumph of the Nazi party in politics in Germany. I wonder if that inspired the "Mission accomplished" stunt. There's also the focus on certainty and consistency. I know that this doesn't necessarily denote evil, Roosevelt certainly pushed it, but it's sort of eerie to see old Uncle Adolph up there on the screen deriding those who would question the propriety of something the German army was doing. The list could go on, their love of military spectacle, the shift from the domestic to the strong, the adoration of those around them etc...etc... Of course there are differences. Bush has yet to kill millions of civilians, although he's certainly working on that, Hitler was a snazzier dresser, Bush is less intelligent and more hetero-fabulous. Still the parallels are there and are very creepy. Hitler claimed to love peace but be forced into war. Pre-emptive war for the good of the German people. Come on John Kerry, you Herman Munster looking motherfucker. I think it's possible that you may just be humanity's last best hope, or at the very least America's. Even an ineffective presidency would be better than this. Be your wishy-washy middle of the road diplomatic self. That would at least staunch the bleeding and the tides of American fascism. That would at least give us time to prepare a counterattack. It would give us time.

B) The film was not just about Hitler. It was about female love towards authority. All the camera angles and the shots of women in crowds show this. This was not just a political statement, it had a tinge of sexual desire. Hitler is not just an emperor-god he's a red hot rock star. The way the Camera shows him from the POV of a wife standing at his arm, or gazes up adoringly, or stares at him as he orates. The teasing nature of it all. Chicks dig the power thing. They dig the ultra-confident "Sure as shit" tough guy shtick. It's why assholes jerks and poseurs are masters of the female domain.

The whole "evilest man to walk the planet" part? Well I can change him. My love can turn him from that path on to something constructive. I wonder if Eva ever said that to herself. Then she got shot.
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